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Let's talk about the Tipping Point =)

02:32 Luciana Correia 0 Comments

Let's talk about the Tipping Point.

The point we reach as individuals or society when the opportunity for radical change is both needed and inevitable. Do we all possess a tipping point? I think we do, the tipping point, is the point at which a series of small changes or incidents that become significant enough to cause a larger and more important change. It can be in your own mind, your own body, or in a society, in politics, in any environment. Recognizing and experiencing the Tipping point for what it is, is an opportunity for individuals and society to unlock the door to positive change. 

So the quest I am on is one driven by inspiration and curiosity: what is it that stirs in us to answer the call in our hearts to grow and push forward into new ways of living and being. What are these points and how do people experience them? These are the questions that form the basis of my project.

It all started for me on a Sunday afternoon 2 years ago when I was back home in Brazil. For the first time I realized a feeling of emptiness and lack that had been there for some time – I was not living my full potential and in that moment my whole world came crashing in and I could not ignore it anylonger! From that point on I started to honour and accept where I was, but I had reached the tipping point and there was no going back. Things needed to change and over the next year my life, relationships, job, mind and body changed. 

Through my personal journey and my aspiration to express this through my project and blog ‘next page please’ I have had the honour to meet many brave souls who are listening to the call of there hearts: a yoga teacher, a Pilates teacher, an actor, a photographer, a mother, a buddhist, fashions, and many more people that have made the conscious decision to listen and act on those signs and to make the change, this is the key! I just want to say thank you to those that have shared with me their journeys. Big love and hugs for opening up and sharing your brave and inspiring tales. These people choose to be happy, and embrace and accept the flow of life and all the changes this experience brings. 

My hope is that through sharing these stories there will be people out there who will be inspired and encouraged to follow there own hearts and embrace their own tipping point. If your desire happiness and a life of fulfillment, this is a beautiful thing and very much within your reach

So now I would like to share with you the common things experienced and advised by all the people I have meet and spoken with who have gone through or are going through ‘the tipping point’! 

Willingness to confront and break through FEARS

Fear does not exist, except in our minds as a thing we hold onto. Fear is an illusion. The idea of lack, the idea that makes us believe that we are alone. Actually fear should be viewed as a call for love and courage. Fear is just an internal conditioning and emotion that arises when we are disconnected from ourselves and with what we truly are.

Leaving the past in the Past.  

Don’t get stuck looking behind. If your past is still alive it’s just because you are allowing it to be there and to colour and effect your present. Accept the fact you cannot change the past, you can only move forward. Let people go, let feelings go and open the door for the present moment.

Welcoming to the Now. 

Be fully present, experience life as it is. This is the place where your life is real and alive. 
Focus on what you have and who you are. Accepting the fact that you cannot change the past but you can create a bright future living life in the now.

We are one

Most of our conflicts arise from a sense of separation, we think we are completely separate from others, that what we think and say about others has no effect on ourselves, but it does. So be aware about what kind of people you are involved with and how you think about them and how they effect you.

Accept yourself

This acceptance is saying yes to life it is giving yourself permission to deal with reality and move forward. There is no one like you and this is awesome.

Slowly as we begin to open up to and embrace these 5 aspects, as we start to listen to the voice in the background pushing us forward toward our change. We notice that life starts to become clearer, opportunities come our way and then all of a sudden we realize that that voice in the background, the voice we had been listening to, that was pushing us forward was actually, all along, our own voice, our own heart, our own spirit yearning for more. 

So I urge you, have the courage to listen to that voice, to feel what your heart is trying to tell you. You have this special life and the future is in your hands. Take your time. It’s awesome when you see yourself crossing the line and breaking down those walls that were holding you back from the life you truly want

I do believe that life and the universe, is in constant change. And this change will happen independent of our own wishes and whether we like it or not, but if we decide to embrace this and ride the currents of change we can reach our tipping point and give ourselves the opportunity to break through to our real potential and a life of love, freedom and fulfillment.

So go for it, embrace your tipping point. And please! Don't forget to share with me, your Next Page. 

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